Ten Reasons to Invest

The Greys is one of the best loved pubs in Brighton with an international reputation for country, blues and folk music. It has been a pub since 1878.

  1. It’s a rare opportunity. The pub is up for sale freehold as it no longer fits the owner’s corporate model. We now have an opportunity to run it as a community enterprise. The ambition is to buy it through a mixture of share issue, grants and loans to run it a community Free House
  2. With your backing the pub will continue to host live music nights attracting the best musicians from the UK and abroad
  3. You will be investing in Hanover bricks and mortar, one of the most loved areas of Brighton.
  4. You can get up to half your money back from the taxman! We’ve applied for SITR tax relief which, if successful (and we expect to be) will mean every investor who pays income tax can claim up to 30% of the value of their investment from HMRC. We have also applied for Seed Enterprise Investment Scheme relief which gives 50% tax refund (for the first £150k of investment). The investment needs to be held for a minimum of 3 years to qualify
  5. The Save the Greys campaign has the full support of local people and local businesses, including neighbouring pubs that recognise the importance of this pub/music venue to the vibrancy of the whole area
  6. All shareholders will have an equal vote, you can get as involved as little or as much as you like and can meet loads of like-minded people
  7. It’s all done properly. It will be owned by the shareholders through a Community Benefit Society approved by the Financial Conduct Authority
  8. The Community Benefit Society will employ a new manager or tenant and will be free to sell the best of craft real ales and drinks as well as serve delicious food
  9. The Society will work with professional people, with a proven track record,  to ensure the long-term financial prosperity of the pub
  10. On-going community consultation and involvement will be the new ethos of the Greys pub. it will become an important community space with new activities to benefit the community as a whole